Paleocare Podcast #28: Blending Modern Healthcare and the Ancestral Approach with Adrienne


In this episode, Katy and Chelsea interview Adrienne of Adrienne has a broad nursing background with experience in many different specialities. She now provides education to patients, co-workers, and friends as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert. Learn how to create your own optimal healthcare team, as well as tips on how to choose a healthcare provider.

Vitamin D Supplementation and Autoimmune Disease


What is vitamin D? Vitamin D is a hormone precursor that has a primary function of promoting healthy bone formation by regulating calcium absorption in the gut and maintaining adequate calcium and phosphorus levels in the bloodstream.  Vitamin D also plays a number of other critical roles in the body, including modulation of the immune […]

Paleocare Podcast #27: All About MTHFR with Dr. Tim Jackson


Dr. Jackson is an expert on MTHFR mutation and this episode is packed with information on the various health impacts of MTHFR. Learn the basics and beyond to help you jump-start your health journey and get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Shakes and Smoothies: Do They Belong in a Nutrient-Dense Paleo Template?


Note:  This post originally appeared as a guest post on Shakes and smoothies are growing in popularity within the Paleo community.  Protein shakes are all the rage among Crossfitters and other athletes that are concerned with post-workout nutrition, but also among busy professionals and parents, individuals with either weight loss or weight gain as […]

Paleocare Podcast #26: Leanna of Bedrock Living


Leanna is a holistic skin care product developer, entrepreneur, marketing director, and busy mom. This episode is packed with valuable information ranging from how to transition to holistic skincare products, to how to get your family on board with a Paleo lifestyle.

Top 25 Paleo Holiday Gifts

Wishing you all theHope, Wonder and Joy (2)

  Although the holiday season is a time of joy and cheerfulness, it can also be stressful and chaotic.  If you are searching for the perfect gift for that special real food/Paleo enthusiast in your life, don’t despair!  My top picks for Paleo holiday gifts will arm you with several ideas that your loved one […]

Paleocare Podcast #25: Shelia of Purple Beet Nutrition


Sheila is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Healing Foods Specialist, and Certified GAPS Practitioner. Listen to her story of healing from a serious gut infection by using the GAPS protocol.

Top 10 Ways to Recover After Gluten Exposure


Whether it happened when you dined at a restaurant that didn’t have a dedicated 100% gluten-free kitchen, or when you ate the meatloaf that your aunt insisted didn’t have any bread or flour it in, or even if you have no idea how it happened, many of those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease who […]